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Calculation Software/Surgical Tools

Online Calculators

Post-LASIK IOL Calculator & Database – Page requires (free) registration for all new users and allows surgeons to save post-IOL outcomes data for future reference.

AMO LRI Calculator – Free calculator is designed to assist in pre-operative planning for LRI procedures; source for calculating the length, arc and depth of limbal relaxing incision using either a DONO or NAPA LRI nomogram.

Alcon AcrySof Calculator – Site provides web-based calculators and suggested A-Constant numbers for all of the AcrySof Toric IOL models currently available for implantation.

IOL Power Calculators – Site provides calculators for IOL power in eyes that have undergone previous refractive surgery (LASIK/PRK/RK).

IOL Power Calculations: Post Myopic LASIK and PRK – Page contains outlines of several popular IOL power calculation methods that can be used following the various ablative forms of keratorefractive surgery for myopia.

Surgically Induced Astigmatism Calculator – Downloadable calculator has been designed to calculate, by means of vector analysis, the amount of surgically induced astigmatism created during the cataract surgical procedure.

Carl Zeiss Meditec IOLMaster Online – Free online web portal providing online IOL power calculation, optimized lens constants and up-to-date product information.

SIA Calculator – Page provides free, downloadable calculators for the analysis of aggregate astigmatism.

Ophthalmic Calculators – Site provides a free intraocular astigmatism calculator, which determines the component of astigmatism not attributable to the anterior corneal surface, as well as a free calculator for vertex distance effects and transpositions.

Calculation Software/Surgical Tools

Refractive Surgery Consultant Elite – Surgical outcomes tracking program that relates expected surgical outcomes to actual surgical results; optimized reports can be generated for both myopia and hyperopia.

Holladay IOL Consultant Software & Surgical Outcomes Assessment – Database program that automatically minimizes the surgeon’s prediction error for IOL power calculations every time postoperative results are entered; can handle an unlimited number of IOL’s, surgeons and patients.

PreVize Online Tools – Ophthalmic surgical planning and diagnostic software; includes calculators for Vertex, Spherocylinder combination, refractive error diagnosis, refractive surgery approval and outcome map, postkeratorefractive, central corneal power, secondary and exchange IOL power. Registration required.

SurgiVision DataLink – Site hosting various online surgical planning tools.